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Hit Counter It's kind of fun to do the impossible.
It's kind of fun to do the impossible.
These next two days are going to be so happy and yet so sad.

Today, I am spending some time with some of my favorite pirates before they head home. I may never see them again, and that makes me so sad. I have never really been good with goodbyes. I have a terrible problem of not texting or telling them I miss them, even though I think about them all the time and the memories we made. I am going to try my best to talk to them, and everyone I haven’t seen in a while. Even though we are thousands of miles away, they have never been closer to me. <3

Tomorrow, Pirates from the beginning of my CP are meeting up. Magically we are all here(from all over the country) and free on Tuesday, so that is our day. I couldn’t be happier, and it is exactly what I need right now. These people are the reason I am here. I like making guests happy at the parks, but at the same time… the cast members I’ve met at both Pirates and Star Tours are the reason I love my job. I give my 100% for them because they are amazing and they deserve it. :)

till next time… ADVENTURE AWAITS!

wait what? 2013 is almost over?

well… the last day of 2013, and I have to work at 6am… yay sleep problems.


I can’t believe how lucky I am, this year was too much for me. Spending a whole year chasing your dreams is amazing, and as of 12/22… I am a full time cast member at Walt Disney World. Crazy how January 21st I moved to Florida as a CP, and my first official day at Disney was my birthday(January 25th). As happy as I am, I am a bit lost into what I want next. I love working attractions(being a pirate and from the star wars universe is too freaking cool), and it is something I think I am very good at, but I have the performance bug in me.

I haven’t gone to many auditions mostly because I have been afraid and intimidated. Yes I majored in music, yes I’ve been in musicals, but I am still very inexperienced. I have gotten by mostly on charisma and natural talent (not trying to brag). I really want to step up how I act and perform. Who knows, maybe I can be a performer, or a “friend” with someone. I have the security of a full time job, now I don’t have to worry about that, and I can unleash all my energy at a new objective… I am both more nervous and excited than ever before.

I wish I could talk more tumblr, but I really should try to sleep. We will catch up soon friend.

till next time… Happy New Year all,


Onward and Upward, New Start, and Magic Kingdom as I have never seen it before.

Well… a ton to talk about….

This is my last week as a seasonal cast member at Pirates of the Caribbean. Starting on the 8th I will be working in Icon Attractions at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Finally having a job is amazing, and I am looking forward to the new adventure I will be on. I also think I am more nervous now then ever before. New area, no one really knows me, I hope I can make an impression. I just have to be myself, it is what got me here in the first place. I still am going to miss Ad/lib so much, it is my family down here, and they have helped me more than they even know. :)

Also it is Food and Wine Festival time at Epcot, and it doesn’t disappoint. So many amazing foods and alcohol!! My favorite so far is Grapefruit beer. I am forcing myself to try new and different foods. Seems like the best time possible. Also, the musical acts are straight up my alley. All bands from the 70s,80s, and 90s. Smash mouth, Sugar Ray, Boyz II Men, Hanson, Night Ranger… life is good here in Florida. :)

Finally, Magic Kingdom during the fall season, especially with the Halloween parties, is the most beautiful I’ve ever seen it. Recently, I have been missing the leaves changing up north. That all changed when I made that walk down Main Street U.S.A. All the pumpkins and fall decorations made me feel like I was home. Exactly what I needed.

Till next time, Rich

Back to the Pirate Ride

So excited for working again. Going to be a busy day ( as usual), but I am ready to have fun and make some magic. Lets do this!

Well…. here goes nothing

Hi there. I am pretty sure everyone knows me, but just incase. Hi, I’m Rich. I work seasonally at Walt Disney World at Pirates of the Caribbean. I am applying everywhere in the company for new and fun jobs, while also chasing my dreams. I live with several other Disney employees, and just trying to make it by. This is going to be my story. I have decided to keep track of my life here…. for your enjoyment, but also my own. Maybe my journey and story will help others. I’ll keep this short and sweet, and you will see more of me to come. :)

P.S. sorry about any spelling or grammar. :P